International Industrial Cooperation Organization
For Governments

As a highly well-connected, respected and influential organization, APCEO has access to financial and economic resources around the world. APCEO provides governments the following opportunities and services:

Regular Forums for Networking and Expanding Economic Ties and Business Opportunities:

- International Cooperation Summit for CEOs, Governors, Mayors & Political Figures Worldwide (ICS)

- Global Service Trade & Outsourcing Summit (GSTOS)

- World Emerging Industries Summit (WEIS)

- Global Economic Leaders Summit (GELS)

- North American CEOs Forum (NACF)

- Australian CEOs Forum (ACF)

- European CEOs Forum (ECF)

- Euro-US Industrial Cooperation Conference (EUICC)

- African Trade Conference (ATC)

- CEOs & Ministers Forum (CMF)

- Social Celebrity Banquet, etc.

At the same time, APCEO continually cooperates with enterprises or governments to hold industrial cooperation meetings on diverse subjects such as finance, energy, emerging industries, cultural industries, creative industries etc. Through the platform of APCEO, enterprises can benefit a lot from a network of renowned entrepreneurs, political figures, government leaders, senior MNC’s high-level executive officers and famous scholars.

Plan, Organize and Promote a Diverse Range of Conferences and Summits

Plan, organize and promote a diverse range of conferences and summits on international trade and economic cooperation.

Investment Projects

Introduce and transfer high-tech projects for governments.

Provide APCEO Economic Platforms and Services

Provide APCEO economic platforms and services that meet the needs of governments.

Collaborate on the Establishment of Cooperation Centers

Collaborate on the establishment of cooperation centers for the purpose of technology innovation, etc.

Maximize the Effectiveness of Academic Research

After APCEO’s evaluation and formally being invited to be the senior experts of APCEO, the renowned professors and experts will be recommended to deliver speeches or participate in R&D projects wherever possible through APCEO’s worldwide platform.

Develop Strategic Plans

Develop strategic plans for major industrial cooperation projects and facilitate the transfer of important scientific and technological projects.

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